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Perioperative is a specialized nursing discipline that involves extensive knowledge and abilities. It also requires knowledge of surgical methods, their indications, and complications. Perioperative nurses are in charge of patient safety before, during, and after surgery.

The perioperative nurse’s duties begins six to eight hours prior to surgery with the pre-op examination. They also ensure that all supplies required for surgery or recovery are readily available on-site.

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What Is Post-Op Nursing?

Perioperative nursing is the care given to patients before surgery. The pre-op assessment includes obtaining vital signs and completing a detailed patient history. During this time, they ensure  all supplies are ready for use during surgery or recovery.


What Does a Perioperative Nurse Do?

Perioperative nurses must keep up with any new technology breakthroughs and therapies in domains like sunsfusions and tissue oxygenators. They help patients before, during, and after surgery.


Pre- and post-operative nurses continue to care for patients during surgery, monitoring vital signs and administering medications, recording fluid intake and output, taking blood samples as needed, and providing pain relief such as anesthetic gas as needed.


These nurses must ensure patient safety and comfort before, during, and after surgery by carefully preparing the surgical site to avoid infection or harm. They regularly check patients’ oxygen levels throughout perioperative nursing care to help if needed.


A perioperative nurse’s principal duty is to prevent surgical complications and injuries. Before providing analgesics, these nurses measure the patient’s level of pain using a pain scale such as the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale (WBFPRS).


The perioperative nurse’s job doesn’t end with surgery. They continue by making sure that all necessary supplies are available on-site so they can be used at any time throughout recovery care, which includes monitoring patients’ vital signs and changing their bandages when indicated. A thorough discharge instruction is also required to avoid post-operative problems.


All patients, especially those with acute illnesses or chronic illnesses like diabetes, must be able to receive perioperative nursing care.


They must also be able to address problems quickly and efficiently while following their companies’ specified norms and procedures.

Who is a preoperative nurse?

A preoperative room nurse is a nurse who administers anesthesia to patients before surgery. They continue to monitor vital signs and help patients during recovery in their facility or in a post-anesthesia care center if patients need to be transported for further observation.


Preoperative nurses prepare a safe environment for patients to protect their safety and well-being. They must also be able to control the patient’s breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate before administering anesthesia to avoid any complications during surgery.


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Perioperative nursing covers three areas:


Preventing problems before they arise


Intervention – Addressing issues before they worsen


Recovery and Outcomes – Educating and supporting patients during their hospital stay.


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Certificate in Perioperative Nursing

The Certified Perioperative Nurse (CNOR) certificate recognizes perioperative nurses who have met basic practice requirements and excel in their specialty.


Both ANCC and ACHC acknowledge the AAPON as the sole certifying authority for CNORs.


To be eligible, one must:


• Hold a valid perioperative nursing license.


• Worked as a perioperative nurse for at least one year in the last two years.


• Submit an application that demonstrates they have met rigorous educational requirements and are current on care standards. Candidates must also submit a perioperative nursing writing sample.


The certification exam is computer-based and requires three hours to complete 150 questions. Any Pearson VUE testing center worldwide accepts candidates.


The CNOR accreditation is valid for two years, after which nurses must recertify.


The Certified Perioperative Registered Nurse (CORN) certificate recognizes perioperative nurses who have met basic practice requirements and excel in their specialty.


The American Association of PeriOperative Nurses (AAPON) recognizes ANCC and ACHC as reciprocal partners.


To take the exam, candidates must meet the following criteria:


• Hold a valid perioperative nursing license.


• Have one year of perioperative nursing experience within two years of registering for the test


• Submit an application with proof of education and knowledge of care standards.


The CORN credential is valid for two years, after which nurses must recertify.


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