The case topic:  Healthy Sexual Functioning in Post-Menopausal Women

The case topic:  Healthy Sexual Functioning in Post-Menopausal Women

Find a specific special topic article that fits your selected subtopic and population.

Create a 10- 12 slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes that includes the following

· A summary of the pertinent article information (sample, hypothesis, results, limitations, and so on)

· A concise description of your subtopic, as well as why this issue is relevant to the study of sex therapy

· Presenting problems and what, if any diagnosis might be relevant

· Description of the client (If applicable, include the length of the relationship, ethnicity, children, previous marriages, age, and pertinent biographical information)

· A brief description of the clinical theory you would use in working with the population chosen: This also include your treatment plan and interventions based on your chosen theory

· Ethical issues of issues of diversity or cultural difference that would need to be addressed

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In the years around menopause, you may experience changes in your sex life. Some women say they enjoy sex more. Other women find that they think about sex less often or don’t enjoy it as much. Low hormone levels after menopause cause vaginal tissues to be thinner or drier. There are treatments to help your symptoms.Menopause may cause changes in your sex life, or you may not notice any changes at all. Here are some possible changes:
Lower hormone levels can make your vaginal tissue drier and thinner. This condition, called vaginal atrophy, can make sex uncomfortable or painful. Lower hormones may lower your sex drive. It may take you longer to get aroused. Night sweats can disturb your sleep and make you tired. Emotional changes can make you feel stressed or irritable. Being less interested in sex as you get older is not a medical condition that requires treatment. But if changes in your sexual health bother you, talk to your doctor or nurse about ways to help, such as treatments to relieve vaginal dryness……