Sammy, age 3 years, ate his dinner and then said his tummy hurt

Sammy, age 3 years, ate his dinner and then said his tummy hurt. His mother suggested he lie down in the adjacent room while his parents finished dinner. A few minutes later, they heard Sammy vomiting. His mother rushed in to lift Sammy up. When vomiting ceased, they noticed Sammy continued to cough and seemed to be choking. He was struggling to breathe and a wheezing sound was obvious. It appeared that he had aspirated some vomitus. His parents drove him to a nearby hospital for examination

1. Discuss the specific effects of aspirating vomitus on Sammy, including the probable effects on his bronchi and lungs. Why might one lung be affected more than the other?

2. Discuss the pathophysiologic changes causing the signs and symptoms and any tests required to clarify the effects on Sammy

3. Suggest some reasons for Sammy’s difficulty breathing and wheezing.

4. Discuss the potential complications of aspiration of vomitus

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1. One of the most common complication of vomiting is aspiration.Usually in normal condition aspiration of fluid is not possible ,because when fluid enter into the airpassages the epiglottis block the passage.When the protective cough reflex is weake…