Research and determine a controversial topic, myth, or rumor in the field of infectious disease

Mythbuster In a 400-600 word answer, properly cited with an APA-formatted reference list and in-text citations, please answer the following questions. In addition to the researched facts you present as your answer, you may provide opinions and real-world experiences where appropriate.

Research and determine a controversial topic, myth, or rumor in the field of infectious disease. One example is a rumor that a full cure for HIV has been developed, yet not distributed to the public Another example includes the use of a “no nit” policy at schools for students with head lice. In addition, according to a recent WHO report, many people think antibiotics cure the flu and that you should discontinue antibiotics once you feel better.

1. State the myth or rumor and why some people believe it. If possible, include specific statistics such as what percent of people may actually believe it

2. What impact does this myth or rumor have on the ability for medical professionals to effectively treat disease? What impact does it have on the patient or public health

3. Create an awareness campaign to dispel the myth or rumor. What should the message be? What would be the best method to communicate this to the population affected and/or the general public

Resources to get you started:

Common myths about infections and antibiotics

Antibiotic Resistance: Multi-Country Public Awareness Survey

Head Lice Information for Schools

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