1) Describe your Assigned culture/religion (beliefs,values and practices)

Topic: Guatemala

Instructions for the essay. must answer each

1) Describe your Assigned culture/religion (beliefs,values and practices)

2) Explain specific religious and or cultural dietary practices of your assigned culture/religion

3) Explain the specific beliefs and practices around health care and treatment of your assigned culture

4) Explain the components of a cultural and spiritual assessment

5) Explain what transcultural nursing is, and why is it so important, ( talk about the impact it has on nursing care)

6) Explain how you would adjust your nursing care to meet the needs of a patient from your assigned culture/region

7) Utilize assigned APA format and cite a minimum of 5 reference for the project.

Things to remember when writing the cultural paper:

1) it has to be 3-5 pages doubled space New Roman 12 font.

2) Check grammar spelling and plagiarisms

3) Do not use headers but do put a title on your paper. Title page does not count with 3-5 page range

4) please make sure that each item is addressed for the paper, you will lose points for items not addressed.

5) The reference page must be in APA format and it has to be done correctly. you must have at least 5 references

7) No journals or articles or books to write the paper.