Proposing a Project, and the course guide

Proposing a Project, and the course guide about proposals, what do you think is the greatest challenge in writing persuasively and writing an effective proposal? Why? How do you define an effective proposal? (1 SOURCE APA format)
2. Select a technical term or phrase that you use or have used in your workplace or your daily activities.
Develop a sentence definition for the term/phrase. You may need a few sentences to define the term clearly and fully. Try using a definition expansion method if needed. Work on the differentiation of the term/phrase as it is used in the specific context.
After writing your definition, add a brief explanation about developing this definition and the context it applies to.(1 SOURCE APA format)
3. Reports are a primary product of many consulting firms that advise other organizations, such as government agencies and departments, on various topics. The reputation of these firms is based partially on the effectiveness of their reports. What suggestions would you give the president of a recently established engineering consulting firm about preparing effective reports for the firm’s clients?
4. Suppose the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of your organization is interested in seeing how he/she can introduce mobile technologies and applications into the organization’s business activities and practices. The CIO asks you to investigate what mobile technologies and applications are, and how they are being used in business. Then, the CIO asks you to report your findings in a document for management—both technical and nontechnical—to review.Your audience or most of its members do not know what mobile technologies are and may have only heard of them from a reference in publications or advertisements.So, where do you start with this assignment? Discuss three things you would do to complete this assignment.Some of you may start with a website like Wikipedia, or another website that offers self-published information about topics. Is this a valid a starting point for gathering information? Would you present information from this source in your final document?Indicate other questions or concerns you can think of related to this assignment by the CIO.(1 SOURCE APA format)
5. In this conference, describe an experience in which the organization of a document influenced its effectiveness and usability. The document may have been one that you were preparing, reading, reviewing, using, or browsing. It could have been paper or electronic. The document does not have to be a report. (1 SOURCE APA format)
6. Discuss how you revised and edited your report. First, were you able to revise and edit your report, or did you run out of time? How did you approach revising and editing your report? What did you learn about revising and editing a technical document from your experience with your report?(1 SOURCE APA format)
7. Describe your experience of creating your analytical report.
What to do: Compose a memo to your instructor describing your experience writing your analytical report. Include a discussion of these topics in your description:
a. your process of writing the analytical report including determining your audience, researching your topic, organizing the information, and designing your report
b. Your reasons for choosing the type of graphic(s) you used and why the graphic(s) were appropriate for the report
c. Your design of the report and how you applied design principles to your design
d. The things you did well in developing the report
e. The things you would have done differently
f. Whether you implemented the feedback provided to you from the report peer review and why or why not
g. Any surprises in developing the report
h. Your impressions of the report you produced and if you would have changed them in any way
i. Lessons you have learned from developing your report
j. Ways in which you can apply this experience in your professional, academic, or personal work
8. Sandra describes creating a style guide for her project to help project team members develop consistent documents and her challenges with convincing others to use the guide. What suggestions would you give to encourage project members to use the guide?
9. Over the semester we have discussed different types of documents that enable an individual, group, or organization to present information or collaborate with the public. Many organizations and business publish newsletters for employees, brochures to describe their products and services to potential customers, and white papers to focus on a technical topic. The Course Content contains several podcasts of interviews expanding on several class topics. Discussion boards, blogs, and wikis are available expressing ideas and opinions are various subjects, such as politics.
a. Describe your experience with using one of these types of documents in your professional, academic, or personal activities.
b. What are your thoughts these new ways—discussion boards, blogs, and wikis—of collaborating between writers and readers?
c. Think about your goals for your professional work and how technical writing might fit into them. Describe how you could apply what you learn in technical writing to your professional work.
10. We discussed your writing process, strong points and areas for improvement in your writing process, and what you would like to work on during the course. As we are near the end of the course, think about your writing process again. What have you learned about your writing process? What changes have you made to your writing process? Have they helped you? What will you continue to work on to improve your writing process?