International Organizational Behavior Essay

International Organizational Behavior
Write in detail the Impact of Culture on Organizations based on what you have read from chapters 1-3 and any other relevant sources. Please use the APA Format.
The Impact of Culture on Organizations
Global Strategy and Culture
Going Global: Phases of Development
Cross-Cultural Management
What is Culture and how do cultures vary? Chapter 1

Culture and Management

The Impact of Culture on Organizations
Work behavior varies across cultures
Are Organizations becoming more similar?
Organizational Culture and National Culture Chapter 2
How Cultural Differences Affect Organizations

The Impact of Culture on Organizations
Communicating cross-culturally
Cross-cultural misperception
Cross-cultural misinterpretation
Cross-cultural misevaluation
Communication: Getting their meaning and not just their words. Chapter 3

Module Description and Learning Objectives:
The International Organizational Behavior course is designed to prepare a scholar/manager to critically examine the theories and practices of cross cultural management. The three broad areas covered include the impact of culture on organizations, leveraging cultural diversity and cross-cultural management. Motivation models of behavior are examined and their effectiveness considered using foundations of cross cultural models. The role of cognitive dissonance in bringing about lasting change in organizations is explored.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course:

1. Students will be able to critically analyze the impact of culture on organizations.
2. Students will be able to assess how cultural differences affect organizations
3. Students will gain knowledge on managing and motivating multicultural teams
4. Students will increase awareness of globalization and its influence on leadership
5. Have a firm understanding of cross cultural management
6. Apply the learnt knowledge to solving cross-cultural problems in their respective organizations.

Communicating Across Cultures
International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior by Nancy J. Adler with Allison Gundersen 5th edition published by CENGAGE Learning

International Perspectives on Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management by Betty Jane Punnett 2nd edition (2009) published by M.E. Sharpe.Inc.
Cross-Cultural Management in Practice edited (2011) by Henriett Primecz, Laurence Romani and Sonja Sackman published by Edward Elgar

International Organizational Behavior