BUS 430 Quiz 3 NEW

  1. Filing your individual federal tax returns would best be described as what type of value chain?
  2. Information technology has significantly affected health care. Which of the following is not an outcome?
  3. Computer integrated manufacturing systems result in all of the following EXCEPT:
  4. Which of the following enables engineers to design, analyze, test, simulate, and “manufacture” products before they physically exist?
  5. Infinite scalability is most related to
  6. All of the following are benefits of adopting technology except
  7. According to the National Research Council, companies with computer-integrated manufacturing system experience have been able to
  8. computer-controlled machines or robots linked by automated handling devices such as transfer machines, conveyors and transport systems.
  9. The dot.com company WebVan focused on
  10. would not be an activity a return facilitator handles?
  11. Which of the following would not be included in a typical Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?
  12. issues regarding technology. Which item below does not belong on the list of issues?
  13. Regarding industrial robots, which choice is not correct?
  14. _ involves computer control of a manufacturing process, such as determining tool movements and cutting speeds.
  15. CRM helps firms gain competitive advantage by all of the following except