BSA 376 Learning Team, SDLC Final Project Patton Fuller Paper Only (New Syllabus)

Learning Team, SDLC Final Project

Review the final project requirements.
Write a 4,200- to 5,600-word paper that applies the SDLC methodology and
tools presented in the course. The primary goal is to apply workflow
and process management concepts in addressing specific needs of a
selected functional area. Assume both parts are presented to an
executive management committee. The paper must reflect professional
Include, at minimum, the following elements in the paper:
· Business objectives with supporting measures of project success
· Description of current business process or systems with identification of project scope and boundaries
· Any project constraints: financial, time, resources, organizational policies, or culture
· Business functional requirements
· Description of new business process or systems—use the process objectives model and the system objectives model
· Design requirements: input/output design, interface design, data model, network model
· Cost/benefit analysis