Use javaFX in Intellij to Make a To Do Application Code.

## Requirements
Make an ultimate to do app, that fulfills the requirements below.
### Implementation Requirements
 You will use/adapt the sketching methods discussed in class to your project ( you can use a 5+5 method)
 Your application must use an MVC design
 Your application should provide at least two different views for some aspect of your model
 Your application should have a splash screen, a menu bar (with appropriate content), a Help menu
– The Help Menu should include a Help Screen, and an About that Displays your team’s “company logo” and team members
 Your application must provide a consistent and appropriate look and feel (i.e., colors, fonts, etc.) for your project
 Your application should contain at least one custom designed widget that appropriately allows you to enter and display information about some aspect of your domain objects
 Your application should allow interacting and entering model information for at least 3 different types of domain objects (e.g., a calendar app might allow you to create/edit/delete users, meetings, and holidays)
 Domain objects should be able to be created, edited/updated/changed and deleted as appropriate through user or system actions
 Provide a set of exemplary domain objects that are pre-populated in your application
– Your application does not need to save its updated state when it is closed (i.e., the system will return to its original state upon restarting)
 Be creative – some points will be reserved for the complexity/creativity of the projects, but do not go too far