Time Value of Money Applications & Internal Memo-George Mason University .

Form: Laptop (at least
Applications: AutoCAD
Other Factors: About 500Gb of local data to be stored, will be backed up to the server nightly
You work for a company that is about to replace its 3-year old desktop/laptop computers.
The machines are principally used for the applications described in the chart attached.
The staff takes work home routinely using USB keys so the USB ports should be easily
accessible. Existing printers and scanners may also be connected to each machine.
The firm has traditionally used Dell computers and wishes to stay with Dell unless
there is a considerable saving by going to another company (they will be buying 20
Sensitive nature of the data on these machines, the company wishes to have a fingerprint
scanner on each machine. Corporate firewalls are in place, and so a local firewall is not
needed. A current and secure operating system and the Office suite of programs is
required. They want Office on their machine and not a cloud solution.
Begin by looking at the applications that your computer will run. Go to the Dell or some
other Web sites to find the minimum and recommended hardware configurations and the
cost of each package. Use the one with the highest requirements to specify your
Research the Internet, beginning with the Dell site, and obtain a suitable configuration
and a price for your selected machine. The machine should not be too large or too small
in capacity. Go to a second site and identify the same or a similar computer from Dell
sold through a third party.
Thirdly, go to a second manufacturer such as HP or some other and identify a similar
machine from that location.
Write a memo to the CEO with the listing of specifications and prices for each
option (one computer, hardware, and software) and give him a recommendation as
to which you feel meets his need. The specifications should be detailed, including
processor make, model and speed, memory installed and any capacity limit, disk
space available, and all peripherals.|