The Marklogic Data Hub Service Research Paper-Conestoga College .

Course Project Integrating and managing data is too complex and data is stuck in silos. MarkLogic provides a unified data platform that unlocks value from all of your enterprise data with more agility and security than ever before. For the project of this course, you need to understand Mark Logic and why and where is it used. You will demonstrate, how to use the MarkLogic Data Hub platform to integrate data in a fast and agile way to quickly deliver a data service that brings value to the customer. • Goto for the tutorial for Mark Logic Data Hub. • Follow the tutorial to start and create our first Project. • It offers sample dataset. Use the datasets given, for your project. • Follow along the tutorial to understand customer and user stories. • Understand and use/illustrate the concept of Curate. • Undertand and illustrate(show) how MarkLogic provides various interfaces for developers to access and use the data in the data hub. • Deploy MarkLogic Data hub. • Submit a project report that covers the following • What is Mark Logic? • Why and where is it used ? • Screenshots and details showing various steps that were taken to complete the project( tutorial). These can include screenshots , write ups, paragraphs. • Include a small section for learnings from project, problems faced during project or your feedback or comments. • Make sure report is well formatted and should include front page showing your name,index,table of content, introduction, learnings from project and references. Have fun. Good luck.