Programming Class Diagram for The Food Truck System Question-VT .

20 Possible Points Food Truck System Design Due: Fri Oct 22, 2021 11:59pm IN PROGRESS Attempt 1 Next Up: Submit Assignment O Add Comment Generally food truck owners wish for the point-of-sale and loyalty rewards solution to support operations in the following manner: Food trucks use a counter service model and for our system they will offer a choice of equally priced meals. Approaching the truck customers typically review the menu to identify what they wish to purchase, then proceed to the counter, and place their order with the Customer Service Representative (CSR). The CSR uses the point-of-sale system to enter meals ordered. It is expected that the system will display the order details including the order total. The CSR will advise the customer of the total then receive and process order payment. The CSR enters payment details and completes the processing of the payment. When payment has been received the system will issue a receipt with the order details and an order number. The system should handle all parts of order preparation for a generic food truck (eg. customer placing an order, truck preparing the order, truck delivering the order). Note this does not mean that the system actually prepares the meal, this will be done by humans, the system simply supports the process. As part of the ordering process customers who are members of the loyalty reward program may provide the CSR with their customer loyalty reward card to earn or redeem points. Payments may be made using cash, loyalty points, credit cards, or debit cards. Create a UML class diagram of your system to submit. As you are planning this, consider the following questions: • Are there useful strategies from your class notes about designing a vending machine? • What are the nouns and verbs from the description? • Are there any overarching concepts that are collections of nouns and verbs? • Are there any hierarchies or groups? Could interfaces or inheritance be used? If so, why and how? . Which data structure(s) are most appropriate for the scenario? Why is your preferred data structure appropriate for the scenario? • Should you create various classes as public or private? How about the fields and methods? · Are there patterns from project 3 that you can mimic for this design solution? . What information needs to be displayed on the GUI for the CSR? The honor code is in effect, you are expected to think about a design solution to this problem on your own. Reference the attached rubric. Using a UML diagramming tool you are to produce your proposed design for the Java implementation of this project. Your diagram should indicate names and types for fields, methods, and parameters. Your diagram should also show connections between classes, labeling the connections is optional. Be sure to include a class for the GUI, similar to examples you have seen in class projects. Once you have completed your design, export an image depicting your proposed design and embed this image in a pdf with your prose. Your prose is a brief textual description of your entire diagram explaining how your system works. The prose must be included as part of your submission. It should include a brief justification for your choice of data structure(s).