PHYS 130-Wound Healing White Blood Cell & Bacteria Motion Lab Report- CC .

The Scenario: A patient has a wound, in the process of healing, that is infected with bacteria. Will the patient need antibiotics? To explore this scenario, you will be analyzing videos of: 1) wound healing, 2) neutrophil (white blood cells) motion, and 3) bacteria motion. Clearly, the relative speeds of the neutrophils (white blood cells), and bacteria will affect your decision.
You have been provided with three videos down below: Wound healing, neutrophil motion, and bacteria motion. Each video is a sequence of images called ‘frames.’ The wound healing videos, ‘WoundHealing,’ show breast tissue cell sheet migration. The ‘Neutrophils’ videos show white blood cells responding to six different concentrations of fMLP— the chemical indicator of bacteria. The bacteria videos show E. coli motion. These videos are rich in detail but the files contain too much data to be analyzed in our limited lab time. From the shorter videos, your task is to perform a quantitative analysis, with Fiji and Excel, of the rates of motion of these cells. T
in your report make sure you are including tables for all three videos, the calculation of average velocity for both the neutrophils and the E. coli bacteria using your data, and a paragraph explaining whether the patient needs antibiotics and why. Be sure to include an explicit comparison of the white blood cell and E. coli velocities.
The First video is about E. coli .
The second Video is about neutrophils .
The thired video is about WoundHealing.