PHYS 1100-Physics Worksheet- CBFS .

May 10, 2020 PHYS1100 – PHYSICS 1 ‫الكلية التقنية بشناص‬ Shinas College of Technology FINAL ASSESSMENT (ASSIGNMENT) AY 2019-2020 – SEMESTER- II DEPARTMENT CENTER ‫تعلـــــيمات للطــــــلبة‬ INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS • The student must personally answer the assignment questions and submit it electronically through the Word document. • The assignment should be uploaded on the e-learning. • The e-learning submission platform will be closed as per the due date and time. • The final submitted assignment within the 48 hours period will be considered as final (Maximum number of submissions is 3). • The maximum acceptable level of similarity is 25%. ‫• يجب حل االتقييم من قبل الطالب شخصيا ويكون إلكترونيًا باستخدام برنامج‬ .Word .e-learning ‫• يجب تحميل إجابات التقييم على منصة التعليم اإللكتروني‬ ‫ ساعة) من بداية الوقت المحدد للتقييم‬48( ‫• سيتم غلق منصة التسليم بعد‬ .‫النهائي‬ 3 ‫ وبحد أقصى‬،‫ ساعة‬48 ‫• سيتم اعتماد آخر تسليم قدمه الطالب خالل فترة الـ‬ .‫مرات‬ .%25 ‫• الحد األقصى المسموح به للتشابه هو‬ ‫• في حالة وجود تطابق بين طالبين او أكثر في حل الواجب الدراسي سوف يعطى‬ • In case of duplicated assignments between two students or more, a zero mark will be given and the case will be investigated. ‫ ) من‬80 ( ‫الطالبان صفر و سيتم إحالتهما الى لجنة التحقيق و ذلك وفقا للمادة‬ • Illegal programs or methods used to conceal similarities are prohibited and students will be investigated. • References must be documented properly. • It is prohibited to share the assignment with anyone or any form. Violators will be sanctioned as per the college policies. This Final Assessment is CONFIDENTIAL. .‫قانونية وفي حالة اكتشاف ذلك ستطبق على الطالب األنظمة المتبعة في ذلك‬ 1 .‫اللوائح الداخلية للكليات التقنية‬ ‫• يحظر على الطالب استخدام أي برامج أو طرق تخفي نسبة التشابة بطريقة غير‬ .‫• يجب على الطالب كتابة المراجع المستخدمة‬ ‫ منصة‬/‫• يحظر مشاركة التقييم النهائي بأي شكل من األشكال مع أي شخص‬ ‫وسيتم معاقبة المخالفين وفقًا لسياسات الكلية (هذا التقييم النهائي سري وملك‬ .)‫للكلية‬ May 10, 2020 Question Number Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Total PHYS1100 – PHYSICS 1 Marks 5 Marks 5 Marks 6 Marks 6 Marks 6 Marks 6 Marks 6 Marks 40 Marks Q1:The gravitational force between two mass object is 50 unit, what would be the magnitude of this force, if (i) the mass of one object is doubled (ii) the distance between the objects is doubled (iii) the masses of both objects are doubled (iv) the mass of one object is doubled and distance between them decreased two times, give proper explanation for all the condition. justifications for all answers. (5 Marks) Q2: The velocity – time graph of a ball of mass 50 g moving along a straight line on a long table as shown in the figure, evaluate; (5 Marks) The rate of change of velocity for this ball and predict the force, that the table exert on the ball to bring it to rest, mention the time during which the ball attaining its maximum and minimum velocities. Give the graphical representation of Force Vs Time for the motion of the ball. 2 May 10, 2020 PHYS1100 – PHYSICS 1 Q3: Assuming that most of the earth surface is covered with water at an average depth of 2 miles, calculate the mass of water on the earth surface in its SI unit. How this calculated mass changes, if radius of earth is increased by two times. (6 Mark) Q4: An athlete completes one round of a circular track of diameter 200 m in 40 s, calculate the displacement and displacement covered by the athlete at the end of 2 minutes 20 seconds, give explanation of your answer with relevant figure. Using the given data predict, average velocity & average speed of the athlete. (6 Marks) Q5: A ball is freely falling from a height of 6 ft. Calculate its velocity in SI unit with which it will strike the ground and after how much time (in second) the ball will hit the ground. What will be the effect on the calculated velocity, if height is increased by two times, give your justification. (6 Marks) Q6: What would be the direction and magnitude of the resultant force by adding with the help of component method. Also plot the resultant vector. Predict the magnitude and direction of equilibrant force for the following figure. (6 Marks) 3 May 10, 2020 PHYS1100 – PHYSICS 1 Q7: There are three resistors are connected in series as shown in the figure, Evaluate, the total resistance of the circuit in SI unit and voltage across each resistor. Also show that total dissipated power in the electrical circuit is equal to the sum of individual powers dissipating in each resistor. (6 Marks) End of Questions 4