Information System Planning Phase Paper-Liberty University .

On top of the paper, please program a functioning information system. You may use whatever software tools and development environment and programming language you desire, just include the file and source code. Please utilize Microsoft Project to include the WBS.
I will include a small example of how the project should look.
Capstone: Planning Phase Assignment Instructions

The capstone project assesses the program outcomes through a conclusion information system (IS) component that solves a business need. Each phase of the project should include one Microsoft Word document that follows APA guidelines and one zip file containing the applicable programming code, development material, and/or system configuration.

  1. General Outline
    1. APA formatted paper
    2. Cover page
    3. Table of Contents (TOC)
    4. Introduction and conclusion sections
    5. Each section must be well supported with the textbook, respected industry whitepapers, and scholarly information systems journal articles
  2. Project Solution
    1. Zip file including all work completed for the customer associated with the WBS that parallel the assigned modules/week. For example:

i. WBS indicates 10 project tasks will occur during the assigned weeks leading up to the due date of this phase of the capstone, all code necessary to complete these tasks is necessary to include for credit

  1. Biblical Worldview
    1. Project phase will require Biblical worldview integration, begin planning for this in the early stages of the project’s implementation
    2. Identify several Biblical principles that apply to your information system
  2. Testing Evaluation Plan and Report
    1. Create a plan for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)/evaluating the new IS.
    2. Create a list of tasks that the user should be able to complete using the new IS. The system should fulfill both the user requirements and support all business and user scenarios.
  3. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Report
    1. Observe the user utilizing the new IS system and the tasks that the user should be able to complete using the new system. Take notes during testing.
    2. Create an Excel spreadsheet to store the data collected during testing.

***Be sure to include screenshots of your working application in this write-up.