IASP 420-Programing MiTM Attack with Ettercap Network Interface Project- MC .

IASP 420 Project 4 – MiTM Attack with Ettercap 1. Download Ettercap from http://ettercap.sourceforge.net (If it doesn’t run properly, you can start it from Kali) 2. After you install Ettercap, run it, and select Unified Sniffing from the Sniff menu option as show in Figure 1. Figure 1. 3. Select the Network Interface, which is available. Figure 2. 4. You will be presented with the menu options, see Figure 3. Figure 3. IASP 420 5. Select the Hosts option and start to scan for the hosts. Figure 4. 6. You should see the list of host that have been found. Figure 5. 7. Select the victims’ IP Address and add it to the Target List. IASP 420 Figure 6. 8. From the Targets menu select Current Targets. You should be able to see the victim’s IP. Figure 7. 9. Now click to MiTM menu and select ARP poisoning. Figure 8. IASP 420 Figure 9. 10. You will then be presented with a window once again which is similar to Figure 7. The ARP poison attack is happening underneath. You now have access to all the traffic which is being routed to the IP address which you have entered earlier. 11. Now open Wireshark to see the ARP poison and MiTM attack. 12. Finally, please return to the Ettercap program and select MiTM and click on Stop MiTM attack. 13. This will ensure that the ARP tables return to normal and no unnecessary snooping of a victim’s machine takes place. Figure 10. Report    Present all the steps that you performed using Ettercap. Record the MiTM attack that you executed, using the appropriate filters in the Wireshark. Write a paragraph about MiTM attack.