Decision Making and Process Flow Discussion-Ashworth College .

Threaded Discussion Instructions
Review the threaded discussion question posted by the course faculty. You are required to submit at least two (2) responses to this question by 11:59pm EST on Sunday. The first response should be to the faculty; the second response can be directed either to the faculty or to other students in the class. Your responses should be substantive, and reflect analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as, a thorough understanding of your reading assignment. A typical response should consist of 100-150 words in a single-spaced format. Refer to the TDQ Rubric below for more guidance on how to respond.

Compare and contrast these three constructs: “if…” “if…else” “while”
Compare and contrast the “if” single statement, the “if…else” double or multiple selection statement, and the “while” statement. Give two examples of each and explain what criteria are used to decide which of the three is appropriate in a given situation.