Combination of Translation and Rotation Discussion-Columbia University .

Look at each animation,write a few sentences about the physics of what you answer the related questions.Let’s say,for the sake of counting completion,that you need a minimum of 5 sentences to describe each case.
Case A:

How is this truck dimbing up the wall? what physical quantity ( that we are learning about would be the difference
between this truck and any other car climbing up the wall? Do you think this truck can come back down the same way, or would it require outside help? since that’ s clearly me in the car, I know that the truck has to be 4-wheel drive, What is
likely to happen if I tried this with a 2-wheel drive (either front or back)?
Hint:The wheels do not need to be “extra sticky” for this to still work.
P.S. No you shouldn ‘t need to be a”car guy to know or learn about these things, You’ re likely gonna be in a car every
other day for the rest of your life, so it’s good to know how they work
In class, we learn about rolling without slipping. here there is some rolling with slipping. Knowing this think about how the
cue ball could produce such a trajectory on the surface of the table.
Hint: The surface of the table is made from felt, a low (but not zero)friction fabric. Look at the angle that the pool cue hits the ball initially.

Once the diver leaves the board, what two quantities are constant? She can clearly control what parts of the body to
retract and stiffen up, but how does this relate to the conserved quantities. what should she have done to avoid the painful landing?
Hint: No matter how she contorts her body, she probably could not stop rotating once she leaves the board.