Program Design and Development Discussion-Colorado Technical University .

Read the posts of the other learners and respond to the initial post of at least one. As a follow-up to the other learner, share additional reflections and insights.
Student post down below:
Ethical and cultural aspect plays a very important role in development of the culture; both interconnected with each other. Education teaches about social and cultural values. Education helps in the establishment of the schools, colleges and norms.
“Develop, implement, and promote a written strategic plan that outlines clear goals, policies, operational plans, and management accountability/oversight mechanisms to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services” (Calley 2010).

  • The ethical aspect of the teacher’s profession including teacher professional development, quality of teaching, evaluation and monitoring.
  • The ethical aspect of students caring including student’s knowledge and skills, respect of student culture, student safety, student needs.
  • The ethical aspect of respecting law, regulation, collective contracts, and students’ rights including respect of the democratic system, respect of the spirit of the law and government policy.

Teachers themselves should lead and be accountable for the development and the enforcement of codes, while government should encourage this process through assessments and surveys that will reflect and monitor it. Doing so and encouraging the assimilation of these codes at school level, may increase teacher accountability regarding the promotion of an ethical school culture. A culture which ultimately will enable teachers to promote equity and equality in their classroom.