Designing Interfaces for A Proposed Mobile App for Progress Report-UoJ .…
Above video shows the proposed application. Please go through that. (Specially the last 30 seconds which discuss about the app)
Name of the application  =  Doctor5G.
Functions of the app
01) Chat with doctor
02) Remote visualization
03) Emergency Assistance
04)  Real time monitoring
(i have attatched a ss)
I need 5 interfaces for each of the above 4 functions and the front end of the application. Please include graphical designs. Use any development app or graphic tools. I just need interfaces only in JPEG or any other format. App does not need to function. Just the interfaces to be included in my Progress report.\
What is meant from front end was what u see from the menu when u open the app. 01 interface for Chat with doctor01 interface for Remote visualization01 interface for Emergency Assistance01 interface for Real time monitoring01 for the front end (means the app menu to display the above mentioned functions plus the app name Doctor 5G