Matrix Calculator in Mips Assembly Worksheet-UCLA .

Hello, I have an assignment where I need to make a matrix calculator in mips assembly. I need it to be plagiarism-free. I already have a C language code of the assignment. I just need it to be converted to mips assembly and also have comments on it to follow up and understand what you did. I have a rough draft of the mips assembly to help you out starting it. However, I basically need to have a working matrix calculator that can do adding, subtracting, multiplying, and finding the determinant. I just need a few details added to it such as being able to use decimals and like making a beep sound if someone puts the wrong input. This is the description:
Your MIPS code must include at least the following items to receive a passing grade:

  • Conditional branches, equivalent to C if-else
  • Loops equivalent to C while(), for() or do-while()
  • Use of a 2-D array
  • Use of the stack to store the $ra (return address) register

Additional methods and more extensive operations, the use of advanced features such as sound, floating point, bitmap graphics, and storing local variables on the stack or recursive functions will receive additional points.