PSC 101-Presidential Styles and Roles in Office Discussion- College of Southern Nevada .

Q: Presidential Styles and Role(s) in Office:
Consider how a president’s experiences, skills, and personality translate into a particular presidential style. How does presidential style affect the way in which a president exercises power and performs the roles of the office? Think critically. Maybe discuss Bush, Obama (or others) as examples. Maybe try to anticipate what will happen regarding TRUMP (of course you may discuss what has happened so far). Post any resources / websites. Considering this question, any comments regarding Obama? Trump? Others? Let the debate begin… Cite something?
Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.
Classmate’s post
The article The Personality Profile of 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump by USPP would state an October 2016 update on Donald Trump would consider his personality patterns as ambitious/exploitative with a measure of narcissism and outgoing/impulsive with a secondary feature of a dominant/controlling pattern and dauntless/adventurous tendency. The article would label this as amorous narcissism or in a political aspect, high-dominance charismatic. In January 2017 they would describe Trump as an active-positive presidential character while also expressing him as mobilization. They would also explain that the key to his leadership would be to arouse, engage, and direct the public. They would then explain that Trump’s foreign policy orientation would be at high-dominance and extraverted. Lastly, for July 2020, they would explain that Trump’s personality at this time would be ambitious/self-serving, Dominant/controlling, and outgoing/gregarious, which features of a dauntless/dissenting pattern.