ITS3105 – Programming Automation through Technology Discussion-SUS.

Fifty or sixty years ago, most people’s paychecks were produced by hand; now it is most likely that yours is produced by a computer or not printed at all but deposited into an account electronically. Forty years ago, most grocery store checkers keyed item prices into the cash register; now it is most likely your items are scanned. Police officers used to direct traffic at many major urban intersections; now the traffic flow is often computer controlled. Are there any tasks now that are mostly done by people that you think would be better handled by a computer? Are there any tasks you hope never become computerized?
On a separate document answer these Learning Journal questions (a minimum of 250 words):
Use the following questions as guides to self-reflection during this week:
Briefly describe what programming you did this week.
Describe any problems you have had and how you solved your problems.

  • What skills and knowledge do you recognize that you are gaining, and how will these skills and knowledge be useful in school and as a professional after school?