COMP 726-Blockchain Prototype & Identity Management Essay- AIS .

On this project we aim to make the good use of Blockchain technology towards the protection of the personal identity. This would greatly help the users who spend most of their time online by assuring them that no third party actor who can misuse their identity. Before we dive need into the topic lets first understand the actual problem, personal identity is nothing but a collection of your personal claim. This is the data that we aim to protect which include items such as the passport number, your date of birth, social security number, Physical address, National Identity Number, driving license number among other collection of claims regarding you as a person. It is the above personal information that are stored in centralized databases for government or any other important use. There is need to protect the data for it not to be used while a bad actor is exploiting known flows or even from being stolen.
On this project we are going to look into details on how Blockchain technology can be used to prevent any misuse or theft of personal identity by ensuring that person using the identity is the actual person rather than an imposter.
+ Create a blockchain prototype to show some function that meet the requirement of using Blockchain to solve identity management and theft issue. It can be
– Take screen dumps of the pieces of your prototype and tell how they fit together.
– Create a dummy version of the prototype using some other software like trufflesuit.
Software you can use such as solidity, visual studio and anything else that can implement blockchain technology.
You can take a look at