Intellectual Property Law & Team Effectiveness Essay-UK.

1)Reading for the Week : Chapter Ten : Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property Case Study / Read the case and discuss why the celebrities were sued . Be prepared to discuss how the lawsuit could have been prevented. Did you agree with the terms set forth by the law. How do you think the celebrities came to decide to use the music of another?
Please research other sources and be factual in your responses.
Controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ Suit Ends In $5 Million Verdict.…
2)One of the more difficult moments is when a team first meets and tries to figure out what they are supposed to do and how they will work together. You have just been assigned to a new team, but after all the members arrive at the first meeting you find no one really wants to say much and you fear this team has a good chance of failing. If your goal is to help make this group a highperformance team, what strategies would you recommend to get them kick-started and on their way to being effective?