EXS 365 -Sociological Issues in Sports Film Review-Bryant & Stratton College .

You should spend approximately one page summarizing the content of the film, offering an overview of the plot, what is the main focus, major characters, and story arc.
You then need to spend a page or so identifying three sociological issues raised by the film. I have listed many sociological concepts and issues on the following page. For each issue, explain what incidents in the film led you to think about the issue. If a point of view on the issue is being offered by the film, explain it, but also offer what thoughts were raised in your mind as a result of this.
The final page or so of the report should analyze each of the issues you raised previously in relationship to sport. In this section you should address:
oWhy these are important issues to think about in connection to sport?
oHow do these issues demonstrate that sport is a microcosm of society?
oIf there is a particular problem, how would you solve it in sport and in larger society?
Feel free to use other sources that discusses either the meaning of the film or further explain sociological concepts.
Include a Reference page. Include the film/book itself (title, date, author/director, and leading actors).