The Principles of Relative Dating Lab Report.

Activity 8.2 Write letters to indicate the sequence of events from oldest (first in the sequence of events) to youngest (last in the sequence of events). Activity 8.3 Analyze this fossiliferous sand from Delaware (Fig. A8.3.1B). 1. What index fossils from Fig. 8.13 are present? 2. Express the age range of this sandstone in terms of the period(s) of the geologic time scale using informal modifiers like “early,” “middle,” or “late” as appropriate. 3. Using the information in Fig. 8.13 as your guide, how old is this rock? Express your answer as a range in millions of years. Activity 8.4 B Astronomers think that Earth probably formed at the same time as all the other rocky materials in our solar system, including the oldest meteorites. The oldest meteorites ever found on Earth contain nearly equal amounts of both uranium-238 and lead-206. Based on Fig. 8.14, what is Earth’s approximate age? Explain your reasoning.