Strategic Management and Policy Discussion-SNHU .

At the start of this course, it is important to familiarize yourself with your classmates, the learning outcomes of our course, and our course environment. This will help you build a plan and support system to successfully complete your assignments. For this discussion, review the course syllabus and our course outcomes and then create a post that addresses the following topics:

  1. Provide a short introduction of yourself to your peers and instructor. What personal or professional experiences have you encountered that are related to the general topics of this course?
  2. After reviewing the course outcomes, what do these outcomes mean to you? How are these outcomes relevant to your own personal/professional experiences and interests?
  3. After reviewing the course syllabus and the assignment guidelines for your Module One activities, what resources will you need in order to be successful in this course? How can your instructor and fellow classmates help you reach the outcomes of the course?

In responding to your peers, what additional resources can you share that will help you and your fellow classmates be successful? What commonalities do you share with your classmates? What opportunities can you explore for collaboration and peer support?
To complete this assignment, review the Capstone Discussion Rubric document.