Plate Boundaries Concept Sketch & Groundwater Concept Sketch Project-St. Petersburg College.

9:45 00 @ @ 35 UNTUIT Plate Boundaries Concept Sketch 00 points Use the chapters on the Earth’s Interior Processes and Volcanoes as well as the USGS resource Understanding Plate Motions in the Module 2 reading assignments to help you make the following concept map for plate boundaries. Instructions: Sketch, label and explain the following plate boundaries. Include an example on Earth of each (be sure to name both plates involved) on your concept sketch: • Divergent Plate Boundary (oceanic divergent or Mid-ocean ridge) Convergent Plate Boundary: continental-oceanic. You will also need to explain the other two types of convergent plate boundaries (continental-continental and oceanic-oceanic) but you do not need to draw them. Transform Plate Boundary Remember, detail is key. You will have three sketches with labels, explanations and examples plus the explanations of the other two types of convergent plate boundaries. Upload your concept map to the drop box provided. SPC mla + + 9:45 00 35 pundwater Concept etch for County mmissioners Groundwater Concept Sketch You’ve been asked to give a 5-minute presentation to the county commissioners on the two issues involving groundwater and cones of depression. The issues are 1) the danger of wells surrounding urban, agricultural, and other heavy pumping areas going dry and 2) the danger of saltwater intrusion in coastal areas. Both are serious issues in Fl. Because you have so little time you need to design a single page handout that will get the main ideas across to the county commissioners. You’ve been given two base drawings (one on this page one on the next) that you may or may not use. If you would like to design your own graphics feel free. Combine these drawings with the information from your book or other sources to make an effective hand out explaining the issues to the county commissioners. Your sketch should also include citations telling the reader where you got your information. Well Well Well Former water table Before heavy pumping Dry well Dry well Cone of depression Lowered water table After heavy pumping SPC ma + + 9:46 00 @@?et well Water table Sea level Fresh water Sallwaler Zone of diffusion Pinterface (o Fresh water Well Water table Cone of depression Sea level Fresh water Cone of ascension Sallwaler intrusion (o Copyright © 2005 Pearson Prentice Hall,Inc. 9:47 00 o 35 Concept Sketch Grading Rubric (possible 50 points): Content M re СС le СС Essential concepts shown, important relationships portrayed, no conceptual errors or evidence of misunderstanding (40 points) Sketch detailed and clearly drawn, labels and captions clear m 12 SH Detail/Presentation 리 d d ca (10 points) (5 SPC ma + +