Plate boundaries and Associated Hazard Discussion.

It covers Plate Tectonics section and introductory Mass Wasting sections (lectures 6 and 7). It will also touch on the basics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Please follow the directions stated:
Firstly, open this file Download this file, the assignment page. You will answer some questions about a Tectonic location marked on a map, as well as some questions on its Mass Wasting risk. This shouldn’t be more than 1-2 pages. You must NOT re-write the questions when you answer them.
Secondly, you will submit your document, in a Word or PDF file only, This homework must go through the plagiarism tool. Do not submit as a pages or webarchive file (Note: if you have a Mac with Pages, you must turn the Page file into a PDF or a GoogleDoc).
Number 2 is the only question that you should develop fully (in paragraph format) – it’s the majority of the 50 points total, as stated in the directions. The MW part is based on the many types of mass wasting that I covered in lecture. [So, there were 1 rockfall, 2 types slides, 4 types flows, and coastal erosion/collapse — identify any one of these in each picture.]
This assignment must be numbered-answer format. No other format is accepted. You may answer in bullet form, with all your answers in order and numbered. No2 is many paragraphs.The report is about the boundary circled.