Objective of The Product and Its Aim of Ensuring the World Population Responses-OSU .

Sep 4, 7:03 PM Post an executive summary of your Comprehensive Project in the body of a post in this discussion (please do not use attachments). An Executive Summary is a one-page document that outlines the purpose, process, findings, discussion, and findings of a report submitted to management. CEOs often read and assess an Executive Summary before deciding to read the entire report, so this must be high quality narrative that demonstrates the significance of the work undertaken, the objectivity of research and analysis underpinning the report, and the credibility of the resulting conclusions. Constructing a strategic marketing plan is essential to organize, execute, and track business activities. Also, because product is the most important element of a marketing plan, it is unavoidable to provide quality information for both interested and potential audience to read all the specifics within the plan itself. Hence, the role of executive summary is crucial in business plan. “A product can be viewed as a collection of tangible and intangible attributes that collectively provide benefits to a buyer or user” (MUSE – Marketing Plan from Concept to Plan). Executive Summary The objective behind this product is to ensure that the entire world population are able to stay dry and have temporary covering against harsh weather; by using new and unconventional water absorbent/wind-resistant umbrellas. Making such product readily available in the market will give our business entity a chance to win over customers from umbrella industry competition. The product is aimed at students, working class, middle class, senior citizens, travel industries, and sport industries. There’s a plan to have an equitable quantity of product disparity. That is to say, similar products of our competitors will not be put out on the market, except customers place orders to that effect. In-addition, our products are capable of marketing themselves, because we exist with high standards to satisfy our consumers’ expectations. More, different types of our new product will be out on the market, hence, consumers can suitably buy their choices. Therefore, the main goal of our company; to sell our products to as many worldwide consumers as possible, and at affordable price, would be easily achieved. Product Idea Description The aimed product is Water-Absorbent/Wind-Resistant Umbrella that does not overturn inside out. Obviously, windy rainstorm usually flip umbrellas inside out, nonetheless, this new product idea is to eradicate any event of getting people drenched from rainstorm using conventional umbrellas. Sep 4, 7:23 PM The current retail market for a pulse oximeter has narrow options with the design. The basic overall options to take the oxygen levels in the blood is by placing the device on the finger in the exact location of the sensor. The issues that can arise with the current design is that like most parts of the human body one size does not describe all consumers, yet the pulse oximeters on the market are designed as if they will fit and work for all. The design changes I am introducing will give options that will cover anyone that will need to use one and it will fit the whole family. One area that was found during research that is a concern is people who have long nails, this can either be natural long nails or artificial. The current design forces the individual to cut or remove the nail to obtain an accurate result. An additional concern is someone with what would be considered larger then normal fingers, this also has been known to cause insufficient readings. Then there are also the infants and children who would need to use the device, they have much smaller hands and a often to small to sit properly in the device for an accurate reading. Our product will offer adaptable options such as multiple finger cots that will also be adjustable and interchangeable so the entire family will benefit from one device. This will cause our target market consumers to range from infant to the elderly, or anyone who has a medical condition that causes the need to track or monitor their oxygen level regularly or often. This allows our marketing options to range from social media, magazines, doctors and hospital affiliates, insurance partners, and television and radio, we will be able to utilize all the marketing channels in reaching our target market consumers for maximum exposure. The options our device will offer will stand out in the market fore there is no other like it. Looking ahead to the future of the company, this also sets us up for the introduction of other adjustable medical products and devices that have a need to offer more than a “one size fits all” style. This will allow us to overcome the life cycle challenges a product in the market can face and keep the company competitive for many years. Sep 4, 8:50 PM Executive Summary for Premier Learning Solutions Tutoring and Learning Premier Learning Solutions is a virtual tutoring and learning platform that can be beneficial to all parents who are afraid that their child may fall behind due to the abrupt closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The extensive face to face instruction time that was missed is critical and with the expectation of children needing to perform, it is imperative that parents have an alternative way to get their child up to speed even if the choose a non traditional educational path. With many parents choosing to home school or enroll their children in other virtual learning platforms, Premier Learning Solutions will provide an alternative way to receive one on one virtual tutoring and learning from state certified and licensed teachers. Premier Learning Solutions will offer affordable tutoring sessions to help kids get back up to speed with learning objectives and state educational standards. Premier Learning Solutions will structure all tutoring sessions to align with state and national educational standards for kids based upon age and grade level. These lessons will be taught by highly qualified and trained professionals who are skilled in the area of early childhood education, middle grades, and secondary education. Premier Learning Solutions tutoring services will be marketed to the parents of elementary, middle, and high school children who need a little extra push to achieve their maximum learning potential. Parents will sign tutoring agreements/contracts that will consist of single tutoring session options or needs assessment options. The tutoring agreement will also outline the expectations of children, staff, and parents. As well as the pricing structure. Our goal is to provide affordable tutoring sessions (not cheap) with flexible payment options to attract book enough tutoring sessions to generate the revenue needed to recruit and compensate highly qualified educators. Premier Learning Solutions services will not guarantee that every child will be successful, but we can guarantee that we will customize a tutoring plan that will be unique to a child’s learning abilities. We believe that learning should be interactive and fun. The short-term goal of Premier Learning solutions is to provide remediation to children by reintroducing the fundamental skills that will be needed to learn more advanced concepts. The longterm goal of Premier Learning Solutions is to not only offer tutoring for remediation but to prepare the talented and gifted students for college entrance exams. Sep 7, 5:27 AM The purpose of the project was to develop comprehensive strategic marketing for a beverage product. The process entails looking for possible ways in which the product can be enhanced, in terms of ingredients (reducing sugar content), and packaging to make it environmentally friendly and ensure distinction from other products in the same category, to attract more customers and enhance sales. After carrying out marketing analysis, it was established that the product could be useful in serving market segments such as working professionals, tourists, and college students. Working professionals have high disposable income, and like using the product when working or during
their free time. College and university students enjoy socialization and heavily consume the product during such activities. In the case of tourists, beverage products form part of their traveling packages, thus high consumption. The three market segments were found to be effective in creating a good market for an improved beverage product. Marketers are required to gather adequate information relating to the customers’ profile, as it is crucial in formulating marketing communication and strategy. success of any marketing plans heavily depends on the effectiveness of the communication strategies used. Marketers are expected to create marketing messages based on the obtained information about the consumers, to make the marketing process convincing and win the targeted customers. each targeted market segment should have its own message, which effectively addresses customers’ needs and interests. Multiple communication channels are crucial in delivering the information to the targeted market segments. Besides, there is always a need to ensure that high ethical standards have been observed to create the messages and carry out related marketing activities. Customers have the right to get the right information to facilitate informed decision making. Sep 7, 10:15 AM Russell Gardner Unit 4 Discussion Board – Executive Summary OBJECTIVE/PURPOSE: As an engineering firm feeding the amusement ride industry, we must strive to improve upon guest experience while improving our parks’ return on investment. Everyone is aware of the push for acceptance of diversity and inclusion of people of all races, genders and sexual orientation. Size discrimination is not without its problems. Improving seat sizes and restraints will address discrimination and affect a better product for our customers. Here at XYZ engineering, inclusivity of all our guests matters. Taller and larger patrons’ needs have been engineered into all major attractions to support better park experiences on every visit; now and into the future. Objectives for Return on Investment is an increase in annual gate sales of 5% to 6% with an individual attraction ridership increase of 2.5% to 3% for all improved rides. Increase awareness of improved rides with social media traffic increase of 5% in the first six months from launch (10% launch plus 10 months). PROCESS: XYZ Engineering must support The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) else, we bring undue risk upon our company and those we service. New construction items must consider and make readily available and usable by those in a larger sized demographic. The guidelines from the ADA clearly state the standards that must be applied to facilities, including recreation and amusement rides and the 2002 revision of the accessibility guidelines prepared by the ADA state that all newly designed, fabricated and changed recreation facilities are indeed covered by the ADA (Guide on Amusement Rides, nd) FINDINGS: In the case Castelan v. Universal Studios Inc. out of the central district of California, Universal Studios Inc. was deemed not at fault for size discrimination, but changed the burden of ADA compliance from park itself to the manufacturer of the ride (Goren, 2014). XYZ Engineering must design proactive changes to prevent legal ramifications herein. DISCUSSION: There can be no “one size fits all” for safety. Engineers must set limits on design and materials used; improved product is for guests over 6’4” to 7’11” and guests weighing 250 to 450 lbs. Guests outside this envelope will not be safe for riding. Once the rides have been redesigned and tested, we must post legal waivers at ride entry and again before boarding (nursing mothers, back injuries, riders under 44 inches tall, etc). FINDINGS: Our unique product will become the benchmark for the industry. Using typical advertising tools, target ROI of 5% – 6% YR with individual attraction ridership + 2.5% – 3%. Measure awareness with social media traffic increase of 5% in the first six months from launch (10% launch plus 10 months). Improve and support better park experiences on every visit. DISCUSSION: The elements of the communication mix include advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity/public relations and personal selling. XYZ Engineering is expected to lead the industry in size improvement and design. Sep 7, 12:55 PM Hello Class, Executive Summary Purpose: My purpose in this project is to put together a marketing plan for a protective mask for the protection of COVID-19. The are several ways since the start of the pandemic that protective mask and stop the spread of COVID-19. It has been recommended that people continue to wear masks in the house setting and public. My purpose is there to promote what marketing has put out and marketed a different mask for society to use besides the hospital looking mask. Because Masks are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings. Process/Finding The process and finding are to understand the purpose of the research of wearing a mask. Masks are recommended as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the mask coughs, sneezes, talks, or raises their voice. This is called source control. This recommendation is based on what we know about the role respiratory droplets play in the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, paired with emerging evidence from clinical and laboratory studies that shows masks reduce the spray of droplets when worn over the nose and mouth. COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet), so the use of masks is particularly important in settings where people are close to each other or where social distancing is difficult to maintain. CDC’s recommendations for masks will be updated as new scientific evidence becomes available. CDC.gov/coronavirus 2019. Discussion My journal will discuss the different kind of mask that is out there in the market with the data showing what mask protect and what mask does not protect you. I will also explain directly from the CDC when should you wear a mask how often should you wash the cloth mask and I will discuss why I have chosen the new mask that I am marketing cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover-guidance.html