Marketing Questionnaire.

1. Which of following statements about attribute-based versus attitude-based choice is false?
Group of answer choices
In attitude-based choice, people make choices based on overall evaluations of brands.
Attribute information is typically more accessible than attitude information.
Attribute-based choice is commonly used for stimulus based judgments.
Attribute information is considered more diagnostic (relevant) than attitude information.
Attitude-based choice can only happen if a brand attitude exists.
2. How does a mental process become automatic?
Group of answer choices
Thinking about the process
Watching others perform the process
We are born with all of our automatic mental processes.
3. What is the main benefit of the adaptive unconscious?
Group of answer choices
It improves our self-esteem.
It prevents us from impulse purchases.
It improves our long-term memory.
It frees up mental resources so we can pay attention to other things.
None of the above is correct.