Football Match Event Public Relations and Sales Promotion Question-SEU.

Question 1 Identify football Match event, and describe the marketing strategy you would use to promote that event and sell tickets. You should describe how you would use at least one aspect of the promotions mix (i.e., advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion) to sell tickets for the event. Your answer should have the following structure: • Describe the event. • Define the target audience. • Describe which aspects of the promotions mix you would implement. Illustrate these aspects with specific examples. • Justify why the chosen promotions mix works well for the event and target audience, and how it would lead to an increase in ticket sales. (Max. 300 words) Question 2 Describe how you would inform the target audience about the promotion and reach as many fans as possible. Include an example of what your promotion will look like. Your answer should include all the visuals and text that will be used. (Max. 150 words) Question 3 What promotional and merchandise licensing considerations do you need to be mindful of when implementing your marketing strategy? Justify why you will or will not need to follow the licensing process. (Max. 200 words)