BUS 156-Legal Environment of Business Paper- Ashford University .

BUS 156 /BTLM 2302 SUMMER III 2020 OF BUSINESS к COLLEGE * SCIENCE ESTABLISHED 1996 CELLENCH IN HIGHER EDUCATION • MUSCAT, دي او وينا، وأهل Individual Assignment (20%) Alternative dispute resolution seems to be advantageous compared with the traditional method of litigation for several reasons. For example, ADR methods are less time-consuming than litigation. The following questions will help you learn to think critically about alternative dispute resolution. 1. Why would one want to use an alternative method for dispute resolution? What reasons are offered to suggest that ADR is advantageous compared with litigation? Discuss the process of dispute resolution as compared to courts. 2. Write an explanatory note on ADR mechanisms available in Oman. Assessment Criteria: use of information (including evidence-based research and examples) ability to present an articulate, coherent and well-presented paper. Clear expression, style, punctuation is expected. A write-up (1000 – 2000 words) to be submitted on the EduOasis on or before 12 August 2019 (Sunday) 12pm.