Organizational Commitment and HR Department Questions.

1. Which type of organizational commitment (affective, continuance, or normative) do you think is most important to the majority of employees? Which do you think is most important to you?
2. Consider times when you’ve reacted to a negative event with exit, voice, loyalty, or neglect. What was it about the situation that caused you to respond the way you did? Do you usually respond to negative events in the same way, or does your response vary across the four options?
this is the last one
1. That is very hard to answer because I think it is a very close call for continuance and affective commitment. I think that continuance commitment though is the most important for the majority of employees. Many times I have talked to people who wanted to quit their jobs, but always stay because of their sense of job security, having decent benefits and knows that their salary will at least remain the same, if not increase. People just want to know that they can make ends meet and support themselves and their families. I guess continuance commitment is most important for those who need to support themselves, whereas affective continuance is most likely more important to those who may live at home (i.e. highschoolers who get jobs to start saving money and to earn a little money to spend). As of now, I would say that affective commitment is most important to me. I live at home and do not really need to work, therefore it’s important to me that I create friendships at work and feel a sense of enjoyment for what I do.
2. When I initially started working at my current company there was a good supervisor in charge, but later left for another job. That supervisor was replaced with another that I had a great amount of difficulty working for/ with. I did not care for their leadership style (or lack of leadership) and became miserable at work, and many others did as well. I reacted with loyalty- I did my job to the best of my ability while privately hoping that management would improve. I would have to say that many times I will react with loyalty, but sometimes react with voice, but all depends on the situation and how comfortable I feel voicing my opinions. To my recollection, I don’t think I have ever responded with exit or neglect.