MKT 4462 -Walmart Shopping Experience Case Study- ASU .

We learn in Chapter 10 that to help companies achieve insight, researchers go to the Gemba, the place where value is created. This is your opportunity to participate in the “one true source of information” – the precise place where consumers use the product or service. Before completing this exercise, read chapter 10.
Select a brick-and-mortar retailer and visit the store. This needs to be somewhere besides where you work or have worked. Do not select a family business, a business you own, or a business with which you are financially involved beyond being a customer.
Be discrete in your observations while in the store. Consider this a “secret shopper” experience.
When visiting the store, pay attention to the elements and how consumers actually interact with the environment.

  • Observe customers entering the facility. What do they do and where do they seem to head as they enter?
  • Name at least five factors that shape the store image and how well are they done?
  • Consider the three atmospherics – colors, scents, and sounds. Detail how the store uses each of them. How could the store make better use of each of them?
  • How is the merchandise placed in the store to assist with in-store decision-making? Name three different techniques.
  • How do the salespeople interact with the customers? Give and explain one situation you witnessed.