Mini Portfolio Presentation

Mini Portfolio Presentation

This  focuses on Presentations and revision. You will create a presentation that combines your Proposal Assignment (Week 3) and the Feasibility Recommendations Report Assignment (week 5).  One of those assignments will be revised. There are two parts to this assignment.

Part I.  Revision:

1.  Review the feedback to learner comments for the week 3 proposal and the week 5 feasibility recommendation report.

2.  Revise one of the assignments (your choice of week 3 or week 5) based on feedback from the instructor and peer reviews.

3.  In one-two paragraphs, explain what revisions were made to the chosen document.

4.  Upload the revised document (not the original) and the revision comments into the presentation (Part II)

Part II: Create a brief presentation

1.  Presentation format is your choice (PowerPoint, Word, or PDF)

a.  Expected length is 6-10 pages or slides

b.  One document

2.  Content:

a.  Presentation cover that has visual appeal and a title that is relevant to the proposal and feasibility or recommendation report topic/problem

b.  Documents should be in the following order:

i.  Proposal Introduction

ii.  Proposal Outline

iii.  Feasibility or Recommendation Report Introduction

iv.  Feasibility or Recommendation Report Outline

v.  Revision comments (part 1)

3.  Add a minimum of 2 visual elements to the presentation that enhance the text

Format Requirements: Submit one document

·  Cover page introduces the presentation

·  Documents presented in the required order

·  Revision comments are the last slide

·  Visuals follow guidelines for effective use

Assignment checklist:

·  Check to see that all the documents are included and assembled in the required order

·  Check that the revision comments are included as the section of the presentation

·  Format (font and spacing) follows guidelines for presentations

·  Visual elements follow guidelines for effective use

·  Proofread and spell check your work