Marketing A3

One title page, Minimum of 2-page content, One reference page.

References Requirement: Minimum of 3

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Consider each of the brands below. Assuming that a strong CRM system is in place in each brand’s parent firm, what specific actions can marketing managers take in each case to ensure high satisfaction and loyalty among the most profitable customers? a. Aeropostale b. Wynn Las Vegas c. Your own college or university d. Subaru automobiles e. GE home appliance
  2. The consumer decision process varies by purchase for each individual. Compare and contrast the consumer decision-making process you go through in buying gas for your car with the purchase of a new home entertainment system. How are the processes similar and how are the two purchase decisions different? Why do you think they are different?
  3. You are the marketing manager for Lenovo laptop computers. Identify and briefly discuss the differences between the consumer market for laptops and the business market. Then give an example of each difference using college students as the consumer market and defense-related companies as the business market.
  4. You are the primary sales representative for IBM calling on your university and are responsible for finalizing the sale of 20 new network servers. What is the most important Critical Choice in the Purchase Decision you would focus on in making the sales presentation to the vice president of information technology and why?