Applying To Your Selected Area Of Innovation Or Problem



Overview: The journal assignments are your personal opportunity to explore, practice and expand your confidence in thinking.  Your journals should be written in first person and can be casual in tone and format.  I am less concerned with what you did, and more interested in what you learned about yourself and how it will impact you moving forward.


Begin by reading Think Smarter by Michael Kallet text sections 1 and 2 and start to observe your thoughts regarding critical thinking. (click link below for required reading)

Then focus on section 2 (pages 21-82) and make notes of the exercises that are of specific interest and meaning for you.

Select at least 4 exercises, 1 each from different chapters, to apply to your selected area of innovation or problem.  Work through these exercises and reflect on how they shifted your thought processes or conclusions.  Having completed these, what do you observe about your critical thinking skills before and after these exercises?  Where do you still need to “stretch” and practice critical thinking and what plans can you put in place to accomplish those goals?

Expected length 750 – 1000  words

Reflective writing-DUE BY 05-31-21