(ESSAY) Continuation Of The “Formal Outline Case Study” (PSY)

Case Study Essay Analysis Paper 

You will select a Fictional person for your case study. This could be based on someone you know, a family member, yourself, or a fictional character who exhibits any of the atypical disorders presented in the course. Do Not write about a real person or a celebrity. If it is about you, a friend or a family member, make sure that you change names and write in the third person about them (he, she, they). Ask the question, “How does this person exhibit symptoms or behaviors that represent some sort of atypical behavior? Write an analysis essay paper of the individual, including a description of symptoms, diagnosis, social factors, and treatment.  Use examples to describe and support the analysis and scope of the disorder presented by the character. Use of the DSM 5 for symptoms should be included.  

The DSM 5 symptoms are in the Textbook and in Canvas.  This must be an original paper written in your own writing style and matching your weekly writing style.  Also, include in your paper the use of first-person narrative (I think, in my opinion, I noticed that…). You may use part of your journal writings if you want.   Check out Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.) for APA sample paper information on writing your paper.

Include and Bold Type these Topic Headings in your paper: (do not include the numbers)

  1. Introduction (describe the case and the character)
  2. Diagnosis– include symptoms from DSM 5 and examples of the character’s behavior (be sure to read Chapter 14 about Personality Disorders before you diagnose the case);
  3. Etiology (causes of the Problem i.e., Psychological, biological);
  4. Social Factors (family or living conditions);
  5. Treatment Plan (type of therapy or medications)
  6. Conclusion – (prognosis with or without treatment)
  7. Use your textbook, outside references, and class lectures and discussion to support your position. Students will include a minimum of 3 scholarly references. (6-8) pages for Essay Assignment, not including title or reference page.
  8. Use APA format and cite references throughout the paper. List your references
  9. The title page will include Your Name, Title of Paper, the Course Title, and Date.
  10. Double Space Throughout.
  11. See Canvas for the Essay and Oral Presentation Grading Rubrics
  12. Turnitin similarity only 20% (if more revise paper and re-submit).