Assignment Purpose:

To explain the role of CDI.

Assignment Description:

As the HIM director, you have been asked to give a lunch-and-learn presentation about CDI. The following are the items that have been requested to be included in the presentation:

  1. The role of the physician in the CDI process
  2. The role of the CDI specialists in the CDI process
  3. The role of HIM in the CDI process
  4. An explanation of POA’s and how they affect reimbursement
  5. An explanation of HAC’s (Hospital-acquired conditions) and how they affect reimbursement
  6. An explanation of PSI’s (Patient safety indicators) and how they affect reimbursement
  7. An explanation of the difference between concurrent, retrospective, and post-bill review

Create a one-page take-away handout that provides highlights of the presentation. The handout should be one that attendees may take with them when they leave the lunch-and-learn session.

NOTE: This is not a paper and should not be in a paper format but a useful informational handout. You may use colors/graphics/symbols to highlight or draw attention to specific information as desired.

Submit your one-page handout for grading.